Friday, 8 July 2011

Pea, Scallop and Prosciutto Risotto

I live with a flatmate who doesn't eat cheese.  I know, impossible to believe but a majority of the time I don't use any cheese or even related products (mascarpone - as if that's REALLY cheese?!) in our cooking.  Don't ask me how I survive this... Somehow (supplementing my diet with many a cheese and chutney sandwich) life goes on. 

Last night she requested a fish oriented risotto.  Obviously no Parmesan could be added.  But I'm finding new ways of working around this cheesephobia... usually I just grate it over the top of mine after dishing up.  This time I added Creme Fraiche (apparently this is sufficiently un-cheesy!)...

serves 2:

Fill a litre measuring jug half way with frozen peas.  Top up with hot stock until at the 1 litre mark.  Use a stick blender to blend until smooth.

Fry a diced onion in olive oil until soft and golden.  Add a crushed clove of garlic and three generous handfuls of risotto rice.  Continue stirring and frying until the grains of rice are coated and the garlic has started to colour.

Add the stock mixture slowly.  Incorporate more as it gets absorbed, stirring until the rice is tender.  Add a large handful of frozen peas, and some finely chopped mint, and stir them in for a couple of minutes until cooked through.

Meanwhile dry fry 6 slices of prosciutto until golden.

At the last minute heat some olive oil in a frying pan over a high heat.  Once reasonably hot add the scallops and fry a couple of minutes each side. 

Hot Stock
Frozen Peas
1 Onion
1 Clove of Garlic
8 Scallops
6 Slices of Prosciutto
2(generous)tbsp Creme Fraiche
sprigs of mint (to taste)

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