Thursday, 20 October 2011

More Christmas booze - this time berry whiskey...

I’m not a giant whiskey fan.  It’s one of those drinks which can give me a hangover by catching a glimpse of it... from a distance... out of the corner of my eye!  Not a great characteristic for a girl with so much Scottish heritage. 

The only way I’ve ever really enjoyed it was in a recipe I used when I was working as a chalet girl.  The whiskey was added to a caramel sauce and poured over orange spiked bread and butter pudding.  

So (naturally) I’ve taken to assuming that if I add enough sugar and fruity flavours I can make it Lindsay-proof.  I’m hoping against hope I’ve found my whiskey loophole as I’ve already made a litre of sweet mixed berry whiskey for Christmas.

I know, I know!  Not necessarily a particularly logical choice for someone who is a self-proclaimed whiskey-cynic.  But how could I resist?  It's like sloe gin’s distant Scottish cousin... It sounds so deliciously warming.  Just the thing to curl up with when you’re contemplating the Christmas fallout.  Or maybe even something to toast the New Year in with...

The recipe is definitely a marathon not a sprint – although it takes absolute minimum effort it’s spread over months!

I’ll keep you posted on the results – I have everything crossed for loving it... but if it’s still too “whiskey-like” for me don’t be surprised to find some lurking in your stockings!

Fill a kilner jar (or two!) with the fruit.  Pour the sugar over the top.  Top up with whiskey and shake.

Place the kilner jars in a dark cool place (I’ve used my cellar steps). 

For the first two weeks shake the jars daily. 

Then every other week for the next six weeks. 

Strain the mixture so that any solids are removed and bottle.  Then all that’s left is (hopefully) enjoying it!

Mixed Berry Whiskey:
700ml whiskey
1kg mixed red fruit (I used cherries, red grapes, blackberries and blackcurrents)
225g sugar

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